Sunday, November 20, 2016

Only The beginning

To eat a fish,
 We descale it
 Then we cut it,
Then we cook it,
Then we debone

To make the country better
 We have been demonetized,
 Other steps awaited???

you asked for change, this is only the start my friend 

Friday, November 18, 2016

11 days later

Price of Fish has reduced from 200 to 150 for this particular fish today
N ya chicken has shot up from 100 to 150
All is all, no loss no gain,

The common man is pissed with usual inefficiency of MADE IN INDIA 
But then bankers are doing a great job, keeping mum, and working 12 hr. days with abusive customers in Q in Kolkata
Hats off to you too MR (MS) bankers at work.

So whats your take on this topic ?

#Banker #made in India, Inefficiency # fish # chicken #Calcutta

Full Moon Nov Moon

They said it is the full moon, it is closest to the earth and will be so in 88 years again,

Well here is the moon, the story not standing, enjoyed Photographing the moon

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Bhagwati and ME

Received a forward the other day  in this month of November where we celebrate many a festival and goddesses and Gods power to help us/ heal us/ guide us

How Bill Gates the richest man on earth – does not worship Goddess Laxmi
How Einstein never worshipped Goddess Swaraswati  ,,,

Well I worship Bhagwati 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Whats Modi to do ?

AS I traversed 1800 Km in the Indian railways it just breaks me up to see the shit that’s strewn all over the countryside, how can it really be to not make our country a dustbin?

Come on one and all; please respect yourself and the nature around you.

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Regional films have always been rich in script and even richer in performance, these days with mushrooming of film schools, technically regional films are real pleasure to view

Believing this I too went for a movie all excited to see a Bengali movie,

Well what do you know, the director seems to be not aware of basic of filmmaking like “ axis “ does not even know how to maintain continuity in between shots, or seemed to be not aware of axis

If a girl is walking from camera left, how can you show her coming from camera right in the next shot, where she is headed to meet her guy, standing on the other side of the bridge

A real shoddy film, just using names of literary geniuses and Cleopatra and such is a sham, n most viewers are aware of the cons, 

Please don’t make films like Zulfikar and prove your inability to make a film that is unwatchable,